Avon Grove NFL Flag Football; flag football; agflag; youth sports; coed; ages 5 - 18

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Avon Grove NFL Flag Football - Division 4

2018 Fall Season


All Games are at 3 pm at Crossan Park, 91 Parsons Road, Landenberg, PA

If a game is canceled because of weather, you will be notified via email at least two hours prior to your game.
9/9/18 - Scrimmage   10/21/18 - Game 6
Field Away Home   Field Away Home
A Raiders Ravens   A Texans Ravens
B Vikings Eagles   B Vikings Chargers
C Chargers  Texans   C Raiders Eagles
9/16/18 - Opening Day   10/28/18 - Game 7
Field Away Home   Field Away Home
A Eagles Raiders   A Chargers Eagles
B Texans Ravens   B Texans Raiders
C Chargers Vikings   C Vikings Ravens
9/23/18 - Game 2   11/4/18 - Closing Day
Field Away Home   Field Away Home
A Raiders Texans   A Raiders Chargers
B Eagles  Chargers   B Vikings Texans
C Ravens Vikings   C Eagles Ravens
9/30/18 - Game 3 (Photos)   Team Head Coach Assistant Coach
Field Away Home   Raiders Rich Latella  
A Chargers Raiders   Texans Rich Conway JT Yourinson/Sean McGlaughlin
B Vikings Texans   Chargers  Mike Hankins  
C Ravens Eagles   Ravens David Pitt  
        Eagles Matt Mullen Jen Asbury
10/7/18 - Game 4   Vikings Mat Gooch Jesse Stone
Field Away Home        
A Texans Eagles   Please arrive 30 minutes early on Opening Day 
B Ravens Chargers   The players will be announced before the game.
C Raiders Vikings        
10/14/18 - Game 5   Field A Closest to the parking lot
Field Away Home   Field B Middle of 3 fields  
A Ravens Raiders   Field C Closest to the tree line
B Eagles Vikings   Field D Downhill behind Field B
C Texans Chargers        
        Home Team - Dark Jersey, Right side of the field
        Away Team - White Jersey, Left side of the field